Whether you're just getting started online, have been struggling to earn profits, or just want to multiply your earnings...

From: Jennifer Long

Dear Marketer,

If you're not selling videos in your online business, you're leaving a LOT of cash on the table...

Videos are by far the most popular online medium, and the reason is simple--they are engaging, entertaining, and FUN to watch. If you want proof, just check out the most popular websites on the Internet--YouTube, Facebook, or MySpace, and you'll see tons of videos with HUGE numbers of views--some get over 1,000,000 with zero advertising!

And YOU can profit from this popularity by selling "How-To" Internet marketing videos.

There are 1,000s of new people starting online businesses every month, and even more that are struggling to make it online because they lack skills or knowledge. These customers LOVE to buy and watch how-to videos because:

They can learn while being entertained, instead of going blind reading ebooks or manuals.

They gain new skills and learn much faster because videos show them exactly what to do and HOW to do it.

They feel a much higher perceived value for the money with videos because they get an engaging multimedia presentation that looks expensive to produce.

So your customers will pull out their wallets to buy your Internet marketing how-to videos, but there's another key reason you NEED to market videos...

Search engines LOVE videos too, and your site's search engine ranking will skyrocket with related-content videos.

You can create a membership site that includes videos, or put short preview versions of videos you are selling on your site and watch your search engine ranking soar! When your SEO ranking goes up, your FREE traffic increases because visitors doing Internet searches see your site listed and click through!

So when you market videos, you win in 2 ways--more sales AND more traffic!

But there is a catch... Videos are time consuming and can be very expensive to produce professionally. You need all of the equipment, the content, and a professional camera presence to make them, and it can take 10, 20, even 50 takes to get it right. Then you still need copywriting for the sales page, graphics, and web layout.

What if you could have all that done FOR you...

Private Label Marketing Videos gives you a huge collection of videos on high-demand, hot Internet marketing topics. You can download the videos instantly in the Members Area. You get a full set of professional videos with Private Label Rights to resell them and pocket all of the profits. And, you'll also get a complete minisite (sales page, thanks you page, and graphics) with every new set so nearly all of the work is done for you!

Check out these examples--you can click on the sample videos to watch a preview, and click the link below the images to see sample sales pages (the sales pages open in a new window).

NOTE: You get full size, full length videos--the videos below are just samples...

Backlink Hurricane

24 Hour Traffic

Automated Membership Machine

Affiliate Startup Mechanic

Autoblogging Revealed

Facebook Traffic

JVZoo Affiliate Explosion

Freelance Mastery eCourse

Flippa Cash

List Building Aces

Newbie's University

Digital Product Production Factory

Timeline Traffic Smasher

Amazon Reviewer

SEO Video Warrior

Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Pinterest Expert

Ultimate Productivity

Resell Rights Profits Class

Build Your Own Community Forum

As you can see, these are top notch, professional videos covering topics that every Internet marketer wants and needs to know about. And to absolutely 100% sure YOU can make a fortune with these video sets, we're also going to give you full, unrestricted access to our Video Rebranding Workshop!

Inside the site you will find our Video Rebranding Workshop which gives you step-by-step details on how to rebrand the videos and make them your own. You can access a full set of video tutorials that show you how to get started, what tools you should use (and where to get them FREE), how to add intro/ending screens, how to stamp your logo, and even how to promote affiliate products or your own products! And no matter what videos you have in what format, we've got you covered--AVI, Flash, Camtasia, MOV--all are covered in the Video Rebranding Workshop! This workshop alone is worth the entire cost of the membership!

With Private Label Marketing Videos, you get everything you need, including the training to help you maximize your profits! Just look at all the ways you can rake in the profits:

Start pocketing 100% of the profits immediately with the pre-written professional minisite

Paste your name and order link on the sales page, upload, and your store is open

Edit and customize the videos then sell Master Resell Rights

Brand the videos as your own and build your reputation and credibility

Sell the videos as is with Resale Rights

Multiply your affiliate sales by offering videos as a bonus for a paid affiliate product

Package the videos with up to 4 other products and sell high value bundles

Run your own lucrative Firesale with the videos + up to 4 other products

Explode your sales conversions by offering the videos as a bonus for paid products

Start your own recurring profits paid membership site offering videos

Start your own recurring profits paid training site offering videos

Learn new marketing skills yourself and increase your income

Build a loyal customer base by helping them learn and succeed, and cash in on repeat orders

Offer videos as a One Time Offer or Upsell after purchase to skyrocket your profit per customer

Split videos into multiple parts and sell them as different video series to double your earnings

The only limit to how much you can make with these videos is your imagination! So if you've been struggling to earn money online, are just getting started, or want to multiply your profits, Private Label Marketing Videos will work for you! Let's recap what you get:

Huge Collection of 20 Marketing Video Series
You get a full collection of 20 sets of professional videos on hot Internet marketing topics. Each video has professional effects and audio narration and walks visitors through every step.

Videos in Multiple Formats
Every video set includes multiple video formats for easy editing and also easy website integration and saving disk space. Rebrand, split, combine, or edit the videos as you choose

Professional Minisite to Start Profiting Immediately
You get a professional sales page and thank you page for each video set. All you need to do is paste your name and payment link on the sales page and upload the pages to your site and you're ready to profit in just minutes!

Unlimited Access to the Video Rebranding Workshop
You get full, unrestricted access to the Video Rebranding Workshop so you can learn to edit and rebrand videos like the Pros! Video tutorials walk you through every step from getting started to picking the right tools (and where to get them FREE), to adding intros and endings, and much more!

Private Label Rights to Make the Videos Your Own
All video sets include resell rights and most Private Label Rights so you can rebrand them, edit them, combine or split videos to make new sets, or even add content to target specific niches with targeted videos.

Resell Rights You Can Offer Customers For Max Profit
You can sell the videos as is or for most video sets you can sell them with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights. Either way, you can offer your customers the ability to resell the videos, which means YOU can sell them for MORE $$$.

Clear Rights Files For You and Your Customers
You get rights files for both you and your customers, so you know exactly what you can and can't do with the videos--and you're protected from anyone devaluing the products to keep your profits flowing. And you can simply include the customer rights file with each sale to save you time and help your customers.

To create 20 full video sets, all with sales pages on your own could cost you $2,000 or more--video production, content creation, copywriting, web design--but if you act now you can lock in your Charter Membership and get all 20 video sets instantly, complete with Private Label Rights, sales page, download page and rights certificate for a huge discount of just $27

And if you act NOW we'll also throw in these 2 incredible bonuses that EACH normally sell for $47--an extra $94 savings (and over $300 value)--absolutely FREE!

Wordpress Blogging Made Simple - 7 Videos

How To Install Wordpress
How To Install Wordpress Plugins
Understanding the Wordpress Dashboard
Wordpress Dashboard Design
Working with Wordpress Themes & Presentation
How To Manage Wordpress Blog Pages
How To Manage Wordpress Blog Posts & Categories

Includes Master Resell Rights!

Cpanel In-Depth - 14 Videos

Cpanel Overview
How To Use the Video Tutorials
How To Create a MySQL Database and Insert Tables
How To Use Awstats and Apply It to Your Business
What is Fantastico and How To Use It
How To Setup an Error Page and a Redirect
How to Disable Your Indexes with Your Index System
What is a Cronjob and When to Use It
How To Use File Manager Effectively
Email Authentication
How To Backup and Restore Your Websites
How To Move Files from One Server to Another Server
How To Block People / IP Addresses from Your Server
How To Protect Your Email from SPAMMERS

Includes Master Resell Rights!

So you get 20 hot video series with professional graphics and sales page, and rights files, PLUS these 2 super bonuses! This package is easily worth over $1,000 when you add up production costs for 20 pro video sets...But act now and you'll save a bundle while exploding your own sales at the same time!

We'll even take ALL of the risk! Try Private Label Marketing Videos for a full 30 days and enjoy it with all the extras. If you don't believe it's worth 10 TIMES your investment we will gladly refund 100% of your money no questions asked! You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

Get started today and discover the profitable world of online videos.

Private Label Marketing Videos

Your Partner in Success,

Jennifer Long
Founder, Private Label Marketing Videos